No Match for Guitar Designer!

Dean Fraser’s Matchstick guitar almost ready to rock ‘n’ roll! Check out the Lancashire Evening Post!

Read the article in the LEP here…

Dean Fraser from Chorley, Lancs., with his matchstick guitar he has created. See Ross Parry Copy RPYGUITAR : An ex-solider has created a fully-functioning electric guitar out of MATCHSTICKS. Dean Fraser, 37, spent two and a half years painstakingly fixing and gluing around 40,000 matchsticks together to complete the epic project he began 18-years ago. He originally started work on the instrument while he was serving in the Army in 1998 while he was serving in Northern Ireland, but as his career progressed his work on the the guitar fell by the wayside.

Apart from a brief return to his creation while on a tour of Iraq in 2008, it wasn’t until a rare heart condition forced Dean to retire from the Army in 2013, that completing the project became a reality. 30 May 2016.


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